Mar 03

Simple Country Pleasures…

Taking the sheep to graze across the pond to the far field…Drover driving them with KAT helping, the puppy tied to my belt loop, and BOO covering the rear…We moved along nice, easy, and once thru the gate…the sheep started down the hill towards the bottom. About that time the puppy broke my belt loop and was off! Trailing in the air behind her…was the leash! My grown dogs laid down and I yelled at the puppy to come here! She heard me as the sheep trotted into the green fresh bottom… the puppy  looked, turned and came flying back to me! She said ” See! I am a big dog too! Look what I did !”  Oh My! She is going to be something else!  Look out Drover!

We tended the sheep for an hour and a half while they enjoyed the fresh new grass…

Drover and KAT romped and played. The puppy tied to me again…sadly had to watch the fun…BOO watched the sheep…

I laid on my back in the fresh grass… and enjoyed the Carolina Blue Sky…The airplanes making frills, and the crescent moon visible… The wind was blowing a bit, the sun shinning and it felt good facing the warmth of the sun in the evening…with Drover against my back. 

Sigh…all too soon for all of us it was time to return to the house.

KAT gathered the sheep and drove them back to their pen!

Once back we (KAT and I)  sorted the lambs out from their Moms and gave the lambs alfalfa hay (candy) to sheep…I leave the Ewes next to their Lambs at night but a fence divides them. The ewes are fed grass hay… I am fixing to wean most of the lambs, and getting them ready for market.

The grass is growing, the trees are putting out…Everything is in bloom it seems… No tulips this year…they are a casualty of the sheep being in my yard grazing! 

It was a good day!