Mar 07

Farm Work!

It was a beautiful March day! Typical…Windy, cool, and a bit overcast.

KAT put the sheep out for me and did a fine job!

Montgomery and BOO went with us this morning on the gator to work on fences, gates and such. Montgomery is learning to be tied to me and walk with me and stay out of my way. I am teaching her stay with me, sit, to walk quietly with me, and to be tied. (No I do not tie my dogs out) but I do teach them when they are young to stay tied and where I leave them. Sometimes by a fence or gate. I also teach the pup to wait quietly. Montgomery has mastered all but the stay quiet! 🙂 We are working on that and she is doing well…

This afternoon Drover and KAT went with me and stayed on the gator while we spread hay, moved hay, fixed fences, picked up trash, fixed panels, and gates…

They are all such good dogs!

Kat helped put the lambs up, Drover the school ewes, and KAT put the ewes with lambs up. They did a fine job…KAT is learning to listen and stay! her gather needs work!