Mar 08

KAT Ballou…

KAT worked great today! I am very pleased with this girl!

She is young 27 months…Starting to mature (mind wise) finally! Some days (like today) she was ready, willing and working! Other days I think “where is her mind!” and I want to “help” her find it! LOL!  But I have to keep in mind she is YOUNG! and not mature…and I have to keep working with her she is not Drover! (he is SEVEN)! And Yes I went thru all this (having to teach him) with Drover…though I had forgotten it!

The larger the breed the slower to mature!

I am so happy with her I think we can do anything ! My dreams are big, my dog is young! I have plenty of time to take it slow as needed and be sure I develop the basics!

I need to be patience!

So KAT took all the sheep to their pastures with no help needed!

Then late this evening she got all three herds up and sorted and put them where they belonged! No help except form me! She did real good!

I practiced the come bye and away, and downs. She was very good!

Will see how it all works tomorrow!