Mar 25

Sheep Walkabout…

This evening I had noticed for several hours I had not heard the sheep…But I was busy and not paying close attention. They were in the far field across the pond.

It was getting close to dark and KAT and I walked across the dam…Not a bell to be heard!

Not a problem…The pesky sheep had gone walkabout AGAIN! My best guess considering what field they were in was the top of the mountain. For sure no one had seen them because Kenneth (my brother) had not called me. (all the neighbors call him so he can call me) 🙂

I was loosing light fast and so KAT and I headed to the top of the mountain by the shortest route. Well I am in better shape than I thought!

KAT is learning to look for the sheep and to bring me my sheep. She was looking all over but no luck!

We get to the top and 20 acres of beautiful green grass…But no sheep! Not Good! 

Les comes with the gator thank goodness and we ride back! They are not in the bottoms at Grandpas. Okay then!

Where are they?!  They have to be in the back fields and woods at Elsies! It is dark now and cool.

Back to the house for flashlights, jackets, and Drover!

KAT is left behind thru no fault of her own…She is not ready for this. I know the area the sheep have to be in. Drover having done this type of work for years is the dog for this job!

Off to the old farm and past the house and barn…I see signs, lots of fresh sheep signs. We went to the old pond. I sent Drover to go find my sheep. In 5 minutes he located them in the deep thick woods…filled with who knows what!  And I hear barking then bells! They had bedded down for the night to chew cud, happy with the neighbors grass…It is all ways better on the other side of the fence!

Drover got the sheep up and brought them to me. We walked the 2 miles back to the house! Now they are tucked into the field with the good fencing for the night!

Drover is an amazing dog…My sweet “Little Buddy” …

Thank you Lord for showing Drover where to find the sheep and for all returning safe!

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    • Jeff on March 26, 2017 at 11:15 pm

    Your girls are looking good.
    Glad you got them back safely.

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