May 10

Even The Sheep!

I keep bells on my sheep. This helps me to know the sheep are okay and nothing is bothering them. The bells help me find the sheep…and at night I know they are all fine .

I love to listen to the soft tinkling of the bells as the sheep graze or chew their cud as I drift off to a peaceful sleep. I love it! 

Sheep are amazing creatures in so many  ways. No they are NOT dumb! Quite the contrary! They are smart! Like during a rain storm they take shelter under the trees and down under the hill for protection from the wind.

But the one thing I have observed about sheep …They take time every morning. They face the sun as it rises and warms their bodies. They stretch and yawn …Look intently towards the rising sun… and I believe, yes I know this is a time of reflection, and praise to their creator and Peace. This is how Sheep start their day! What a lesson for me!