Jun 13

The Making of a Good Stockdog…KAT’s Journal

KAT is progressing nicely…

It has taken me some time to realize that while she is not Drover…She has nice qualities that I like and can use! Yes I like this young dog.

She can take whatever comes her way and work thru it with out quitting, or getting upset. This is her nicest quality .

We have some way to go before we are ready to trial…

KAT’s Take on working with me…

Kay is fair…firm for sure, and will get after me if I slack off my job. I tend to do what I am asked to do…I am Kay’s Go To Dog! She uses me for everything. It is rough sometimes because I d not have the finesse Drover has…but Kay uses me anyway. 

Like the other day… We added some new lambs to our flock. Kay is letting me dog break them!  I go wide and move the flock to where Kay is at. I am learning to balance to Kay this is not a natural instinct for me but I am learning it and it is getting easier! We have practiced some…holding the 1 sheep in a corner and the other exercise has been to move 1 sheep then 2 and then 3 well you get the idea across the big field. It is hard but boy do I have to work and pay attention! 

I am becoming more confident! Kay likes my progress.

I gather the sheep and usually get the job done. I may be slower than a Border Collie…but I am steady and sure IF I understand the task.

I like being the “Go To Dog!”  I also like the water! 🙂