Oct 29

Sheep and The Best Dogs In the World! LIFE Living to the Fullest!

I am feeling pretty overwhelmed with love and admiration for my English Shepherds, and Sheep!

My friend Gerry came down today and helped me with the sheep. She has a Cardigan Corgi named Elvis is a great sheep dog!  

Gerry and Elvis gathered the flock out of the field and brought them into the holding pen…then…

KAT , Elvis, Gerry and I  ran the flock thru the Foot Bath. It is a part of taking care of the flock. Les has a nice little set up for us. It works well. Except I wanted it in a certain spot. Out of the way and no where near my water! Of course!  Not sure where to run a water line or move the foot bath. 

Our Chute is set up in an L shape. We have a large pen then a smaller pen that has a gate to the foot bath. The L width is about 16 inches and except for the turn fairly difficult for the larger Ewes to turn around in. We load 3 into the 7 foot long foot bath and then have them stand for 5 minutes. Then open the gate and they are in a small pen until we finish.

The reason:  we have a draw on the front end for the ewes to walk into the foot bath and KAT holds steady pressure from the back and  pushes them into the L Chute from behind. The sheep are smart and are learning the routine. This works well…as the 3 in the foot bath leave we have KAT walk the next 3 into the chute and foot bath.

The first couple of times we did this we had quite the rodeo. We had to figure out the best way to make this happen and  it has taken understanding of sheep and dogs to have a nice easy smooth operation…But now…most of the Ewes are not a problem. KAT has held steady pressure from the back end and the draw on the front end makes it so much easier. KAT understands what we are doing and to stay out of the foot bath water…It is not good for dogs to get into the Foot Bath. We use Copper Sulfate.

While KAT and I could do the job alone…It is handy and nice to have help!

Gerry and Elvis sorted in the larger pen and then brought the sheep into the smaller holding pen before the sheep go thru the foot bath.

This evening KAT had earned her dinner for sure. The other dogs stayed at the house during our work in the field. Drover was fine with it, Journey was not pleased to have to stay…he was sure he needed to be able to watch at least! And sweet BOO was fine where ever she was put.

I will likely run the sheep thru the foot bath Monday!

My sheep are so good and they have sweet personalities. My dogs are AMAZING! Whatever they are asked to do they do it. No complaints and they are all ways eager to please me and to work! No matter what, when , or where! They are ready!                                                   KAT at 1 year working in the pens in Florida with non dog broke sheep!


                                                                 Gerry’s Elvis…he is a fine dog and great helper!


                                                                                        Sweet BOO !


                                                               MY  AHBA HERDING TRIAL CHAMPION “DROVER”


                                                                               “Journey” Puppy Extraordinaire