Nov 01

Sheep…Lambs… Farming…Simple Country Pleasures…

I pull on my tall waterproof boots and put my coat on it is 1:45 AM… I am heading out to check my flock for lambs. It is November 1st, 2017 and I have 18 ewes due to lamb. I joke that the Stork is hovering over our farm for this big event. And delivering as they are due!

So far 4 lambs out of 3 Ewes. All are males. But very strong healthy and pretty… we only had one still born lamb. 

KAT Ballou and I walked down to check by flash light.The moon was shinning on the water, and the ducks were in the front yard. Fairly close an owl was discussing the ducks and his chance with them tonight…The dew is like rain on the grass. The air is crisp, clear and clean. With a promise of winter. Sheep are afraid of me until they hear my voice . Then all settle down and allow me to count and look at them.  I left KAT at the gate in a down stay . I go all the way to the ewe with the mastitis in the round pen and check on her and her lambs, she has twins…Al is well …hopefully the medication I gave her will clear her up…

As I walk back with the flash light on and a very small circle of light to see the ground. I only use the flash light because of the fire ants. I think about how I know this land…love it…and how my Grandpa before me farmed it and knew it like I do. I think I could be blindfolded, given a flash light taken to anywhere on this farm and I would never be lost! That is something! I wonder if Grandpa ever knew how much he taught me?

Off to bed to dream sweet sheep dreams!

Yes KAT waited for me at the gate…Good Girl!