Nov 04

Checking on Ewes at 2:00 AM

By Moonlight I checked on my ewes. There are 5 that are dilated and really bagged up. Plus they can hardly walk their hips are so loose. This happens when their bodies prepare for birth. I expect the lambs anytime.

Drover and KAT went with me. I opened the cold, dew covered wet gate and had my 2 dogs sit and then I asked them to come thru the gate. Then they sat as I closed the gate. I all ways want my dogs under control. I left the dogs in a down stay as I walked the field looking at the ewes. If I needed help all I had to do was call my dogs. They watched me from the gate as I checked the 7 acre field out by moonlight. I had a flash light but it was only needed when I wanted to look close at a ewe.

I can not tell you how how much I appreciate my Grandpa’s fields. All the work he put into this farm…

It is amazing to walk the fields and know the ground under my feet like the back of my hand!

KAT and Drover sat and waited patiently and when I had finished I walked toward them. They stayed and were good dogs. I am blessed with good English Shepherds!

It is a big deal for my dogs to stay at the gate and wait . If they had walked with me they would have disturbed the resting ewes just by their presence. I could walk in among the sheep with out the ewes moving. There was no need to have the dogs right beside me, and the dogs understand this…

No lambs tonight…Maybe tomorrow ? !!!