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DROVER…The reason Les and Richard went to Wyoming…in 2009!



VIDEO:  Drover Herding Jan. 2011

2009: All of our dogs love to go across the dam and into the fields and woods to explore…this puppy is fitting right in like he has been here forever. As I write this he is asleep on the floor on his back right beside me. I love his spirit, his calm and easy going ways, his assurance, the way he looks at me and right in my eyes, comes when called, even to pup, pup, pup… I love that curled tail, his color and what can I say that beautiful blue eye (watch eye)…he sure has won my heart. Gosh he is just so sweet.


2009:  Thought I should share this experience that happened this morning…

I keep a small flock of mixed ducks total of 8 currently, for working my puppies and older dogs on, and for Herding Trials and Clinics as well.

The pen is  knee high chicken wire  with a coop at one end where they stay at night shut up and Amarillo guards them she is my B&T female out of Abilene and Dillon. (A nice good dog easy soft mouthed and careful with the ducks BUT other stock she is a bit rougher)

5 ducks got out and I on purpose put all the dogs up except my new male puppy Drover a 5 month old from Carol Greet’s last litter. I took Drover and my walking stick and boy did we have fun!!  Just easy like he gathered the ducks and brought them to me and I caught them one by one and put them up. I was kinda disappointed I did not have a larger flock to put up! I fixed the fence and all was well and Drover was very proud of himself (I was too) Went to town and after we returned I turned all the dogs out.

After lunch the same thing ducks out again! This is real fun!!!  So I had Drover with me and the puppy out of Dallas and Hattie that is 3 months old “Bo” The two pups worked together and drove the ducks to me and I caught them put them up and one duck got under the corn crib. Hiding… the pups worked ever so quietly and got the duck to come out and I caught it as well!

I LOVE IT!!!! None of the ducks were hurt not even a feather and not stressed either!  Both pups Drover and Bo worked quietly and efficiently and looked to me for guidance . I spoke quietly and used hand signals as I moved around! They never tried to chase or be  aggressive with the ducks!

Gosh I can hardly wait for the ducks to escape again! (Grin! maybe the fence does not need fixing)

ALL my dogs  stay in the yard and around the duck pen as they please. No one bothers the ducks, and even Montanna as prey driven as she is on some things does not bother the ducks.They know they are our ducks and see that nothing bothers them!  The neighbors dog came up the other day and they ran it off even the 3 month old pups (Bo who is looking for the right home) and Boo the female I am keeping out of Dallas and Amarillo had a fit and helped the big dogs!
The other thing that was kinda neat to notice was when we were through putting the ducks up the pups just went back to whatever they were doing before I called them to help.
All are laying at the back door now napping.   Kay

My day ended with the ducks out again only 3 this time and I had Drover, Bo, and Boo to help me. To many helpers! Ducks went 3 ways. Two were lost for the evening and I feared for good, then Drover and I looked behind the corn crib (it is a great place to hide old building materials you all know the kind of place) several times he said they were there but I could not find them. But they had wedged their selves between a bunch of old windows (might need them!) and couldn’t go forward nor backwards. They were exactly where Drover had pointed to every time!  How’s that? Herding and Duck Rescue??!!!  Good Boy!!!  Makes the dead fish smell he rolled in while looking round the pond ,not stink so bad! Just stay up wind!!!  Smile!   Kay