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Montanna came to us from Rebecca Wingler and is out of her “Becca” and Jennifer’s Russell “Russ”…the last litter he produced. I found Rebecca and went to see Bec’s first litter. They were 4 weeks old I think. We were so amazed at Bec’s sweet nature to all of us that I knew I had to have a puppy from this female.

We chose Montanna . The wait began. When we brought her home I slept with her on the porch for a week under the pretense she needed me. Boobie Dog took to her, as did Dino (my old Aussie). We started trail riding at 4 months and she has been the smartest best girl…and is on the trail still at 6 years old.

I bred Montanna at 2 years of age and that ended badly with an emergency C-section, no living puppies and a spayed Montanna . At that time I made the choice to never breed again because of the risk to the dog. It took a long time for me to get over that experience (‘course I do worry with every litter, still).

Montanna loves to ride on the gator, or in the truck, but mostly she loves me. We do pack-in trips and she goes and helps and sleeps in the tent with me for protection and warmth.  When Les turns off the highway onto our driveway, she hears and knows that it is him and she gets so excited to see him.