Return to Our Crew


What a sweetheart!  Our newest’ crew’ member…such a smart and energetic pup!  This lovely little girl is from Mary Peaslee’s Blue Moon litter! Her litter call name is “Nessie” ….Her name is “Timber”!



What is so special to me (besides the oblivious) This girl is out of Mary’s Belle…and Belle’s sire is my Dallas and her dam is Mary’s Raven…A wonderful cross across that littler…good temperment, smart, working , all round dogs…Belle has a happy sunny disposition.  I look forward to this girl growing up here on my farm and learning to work with me (like Drover does) I am so excited!

Les asked me what I would like for my birthday and this is exactly what I wanted!

Like most good English Shepherd Breeders Mary takes her time in placements, usually not till they are 7 weeks old does she start making up her mind, because she matches the puppy with the owner…

YES! I know how hard it is to wait ! I did not meet the girl till I picked her up!

We arrived home on the 8th of November, 2012!