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16 June ’14 BOO Litter

SIRE: Trapper Pedigree     |      DAM: Boo Pedigree           (more pictures at bottom of page)

June 16, 2014  pics

Back in December 2013 Les had back surgery. He is doing well now …but the surgery made him a bit stiff especially on cold mornings. He does not bend very well…

BOO was in full standing (high heat) and I had her up safe and sound. So were the boys! It was early in the morning and Les got up before I did. He was being helpful and let the boys out to potty for me. Then put them back up. BUT did not latch the bottom latch on the crate. Drover does not push against any gate…EVER! But Trapper was pushy in all things.

Les said the next thing he knew Trapper was out and the deed was done! He tried to break the “party” up but was unable to even with the water  from the water hose…(okay I refuse to make a comment on this) 😉

When I got up Les said I have some bad news. Then proceeded to tell his tale! I was one mad person!  I am all ways so careful with my females in heat and have never had an OOPS litter. Well as they say “there is a first time for everything”.

This is BOO’s 3 rd back to back litter. No I had no intention of breeding her this time and for sure not to Trapper.

I called the Vet and asked for “the shot” it is OFF the market seems it killed dogs!  I asked about aborting the puppies and was told that at 4 weeks we could try but it could ruin BOO’s reproductive health and for sure would make her very sick for 2  to 3 weeks and might not abort the puppies.

The vet said I could let her have them (the safest for all) and if they were healthy not to worry.

They arrived all 7 of them on the 16th of June. Healthy strong and beautiful. 5 girls and 2 boys. 5 Tri colored puppies and 2 sables like BOO. All beautifully marked with white collars and feet.

In a few days their eyes will be open…

Since I have no idea what this litter will be like I will be watching and evaluating them very closely. They will be temperament tested and started on stock soon as they are ready. Usually round 4 weeks of age. They will be gator ridden and took all round the farm soon as they are old enough.

I have a very nice line bred Jarratt Line litter. While it was not my intention. It is what it is…Mr. Jarratt was a long time NC English Shepherd breeder. His line had all most died out…This litter contains more Jarratt line dogs than any I am aware of anywhere.

I had a friend do the Coefficients on this litter. Here are her comments:

“COI for the pups is 37 – right up there!  But not the highest on record – there is a Wilson-bred dog that is 44.6.  Jarratt’s Rudyard Kipling – the dog that started his (Mr. Jarratt’s) breeding program – had a COI of 35.9.  But then he bred to an unrelated dog, and got Sagan – his “ideal” dog. ”

So… Here are the photos of this beautiful litter.

Look for up dates in the coming weeks as they open their eyes and start to see the world!

BOO is doing fine! She is happy, eating well, has lots of milk and is a wonderful Mother.

Please contact me for more information on this litter.

336-241-2817 home

336-964-5642 cell

or email:


 9 days old

1 day old