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MEET BEAU… He lives in Virgina on a farm with chickens and goats and of course his People!

Beau2 Beau1

Carol and Lou’s description of Beau…

Maple Grove’s Beau

If you are looking to add intelligence, empathy, and a calm demeanor to your line, Beau should be your first choice.

 I have had, and known many dogs over the years. I can say unequivocally, that Beau is the most intelligent animal I have ever known. He consistently solves problems in his everyday life. For example, his calm demeanor prohibited him from barking, or scratching the back door to come in the house. One day, when tired of waiting he decided to use the broom resting on the kitchen window as a door knocker. He gently nudged the broom until it made a tapping noise on the window that caught my attention to see he was waiting to come in. I was shocked since I had never seen a dog use a tool to solve a problem like this. Now he always knocks to come in. What a pleasure he is!

He consistently finds ways to communicate with us. When he wants more food, he will come to me and put his head in my lap indicating he wants something. When I follow him, he will nudge his food bowl to let me know he is hungry. This also works for going outside. Instead of leading me to the bowl, he leads me to the front door.

Beau is also caring and empathetic. Beau had been shocked by the electric fence and was aware of the sting that ensued. One day, when the fence was off, he saw me put my hand on the fence and yelped as if to tell me NO! That’s dangerous! Afterward, he came over to me to see if I was alright. How could you not help loving this guy!

 Beau is also very calm, and I daresay polite! He gets along with all other animals. If I had a dollar for every pet owner who was amazed that their dog got along with Beau, I would be wealthy! Time and again I heard, my dog HATES other dogs. I am shocked that he/she is interacting so positively with Beau. A good friend of mine, who never cared for dogs until she met Beau, dubbed him ‘the perfect English Gentleman!”

Beau has been a big help on the farm. We had goats and chickens. He was active in herding both of them. He trained both the goats and the chicken to not wander off the farm. He has always been easy to train. It never took me longer that a few minutes to teach him a trick or something I wanted him to do. When you look into his eyes you see an intelligent being. He is eager to please and smart enough to understand his boundaries.

In addition to the intelligence Beau possesses, he is a very handsome fellow indeed! Call us!

Here is a working example of Beau and the chickens!

Carol and Lou

“Another Beau story”

I swear he is part human.

This morning after Lou and I finished breakfast he asked to come in to eat his. When he came in and saw only kibble in his bowl he walked away from it. After awhile, he stood in the middle of the floor looking at Lou who said, do you want to go back outside? He just stood there looking at Lou. Lou said, “tell me what you want.” He immediately goes to his bowl and dips his nose in his bowl. Then looks back at Lou as if to say-“Human food please!’  That earned him a ham and egg breakfast.  Does he go right over to eat it? No. He sits down under the table to wait for it to cool. After awhile Lou says to him, ” I think it’s cool enough for you to eat now,” He gets right up and goes over to his bowl to start his breakfast. Does he gobble it up like any other dog would do? No, he savors each bite by chewing each piece. He makes sure he doesn’t take any kibble with it so as not to ruin the flavor. When he is done savoring his breakfast to the last drop, he finishes it off with the kibble.

I swear he eats slower than I do. You just have to laugh.

His vet is also a convert now. I took him yesterday for his shots. While waiting he was softly whining. He doesn’t like being there. After his checkup the vet says, “At least he wasn’t crying like the other dogs.” I said yes he was, he just did it quietly because he is a gentleman. The vet looked surprised. Then I said, he is a really good dog. She said, “No, he is the best dog ever!”  She’s right!  I thank my lucky stars that Lou found you and Beau because she is 100% correct!

We both love Beau! Have a great day!


Owners Contact Information:


Carol and Lou Anderson
272 Knotty Mill La
Crewe, VA 23930
Lou- 804-928-1528

Carol – 434-264-4890